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Social Media, PR, Marketing ...and YOU

Social Media, PR, Marketing ...and YOU

Public Relations and the Rise of the Social Media Strategy

Your public relations department is an essential part of your business. However, you don’t need to be an expert to see that the face of advertising and customer interaction is changing. Social media and content marketing are on the rise where TV and print media advertising once dominated.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a way of connecting with your customers through great content- articles, sites, and other media- until they come to you. This method of marketing has the potential to build credibility and trust like no other. In order to do this, you need to create a content and social media marketing strategy.

How does Content Marketing Fit into your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

You need to think about your content marketing strategy before considering how you’re going to use social media to put it into action. Social media marketing can be challenging for the layman, and implementing it takes long-term time and effort.

Not all Public Relations specialists will be equipped to handle this area. Whether you represent an international firm or are a small business owner, it may be worth considering hiring professional consultants to help you get things started.

Key Tips When Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Decide what you want to accomplish. It seems obvious, but content alone isn’t enough. Social media and content marketing are powerful tools, but like any tools, useless without direction. This should form the basis of your strategy.
  • Come up with a clear core ‘brand story’. You may already have an image built for your business, but content and social media marketing hinges on engaging with people on a personal level, so you need to think carefully about how your business will appear and behave.
  • Choose your target. Irrelevant information is a big turn off for customers. Conversely, people are surprisingly open to content that is tailored to them. Luckily, the social media platforms are ideally positioned to zero in on the customers you know you need.
  • Set specific aims. As with any other business strategy, don’t overlook the importance of targeted growth and KPIs. If your goals aren’t being met through your content then you know it’s time to change tack.

Do we still need traditional Public Relations?

Public relations and marketing as a whole are two distinct areas. The advent of social media marketing has thoroughly muddied the waters in this regard.

Social Media Marketing is about reaching out to your consumer base and keeping them engaged not only with your products and services, but also through your online content and community. Public relations professionals tend to focus on delivering a much more specific message to a much narrower audience.

Simply put, the era of PR is far from over, but the evolving area of Social Media Marketing must be taken seriously. To ignore Social Media Marketing is to shut off a great source of marketing potential.

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