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Social Pilot: Is it for you?

Social Pilot: How it all started

Hello people. I thought to share my first impression after starting using Social Pilot. As I am sure you are aware Social Pilot is another platform to manage your Social Media activity. So what IS the main reason I decided to use THIS platform?

Well, I was using another social media management tool and I discovered that I had to reinvent the wheel like every single day. Pretty much I had to recreate and re-write my posts and re-uploading my images. This was insane. The only way to repeat a post was by exporting to Excel, make any modifications and then bulk import. Even worse it was impossible to specify the image path. Thus the constant re-uploading of the same image/video. It was ridiculous! Yes, there IS a workaround, someone can "tap" an image to get the URL.

hot to get the image urlIn other platforms we need to tap the image to get the URL

Conclusion: The main reason I decided to switch to Social Pilot is because it keeps a list of previous posts AND it's dead easy to repeat them (images/video paths remain intact). 

Social Pilot: First Steps - Setup scheduled times

The first step (this is the same in most platforms) is to connect our Social Media account. Immediately we get a prompt to define our queue schedule [it's profile has a unique queue schedule attached]

define queue schedule for accountWe can define our queue schedule for each profile  

What the heck we need a queue?

The idea is to simplify our workload. We set the queue schedule ONCE and simply add posts into the queue. Then our posts publish as a first in-first out way. We can either ADD new posts to the queue or select delivered posts and repeat them. It gets some time to figure it out -but it really simplifies our life!

Social Pilot: Calendar (drag n' drop)

Our calendar INCLUDES delivered posts. Thus we can drag n' drop any delivered post to reschedule it (and repeat it). This way we can easily fill gaps in our time schedule with existing/delivered posts. 

social pilot calendarThe current day is highlighted. We can either create new posts or dran n drop previous ones to fill gaps.

Social Pilot: Frustrations

Here are my first concerns regarding the platform.

  1. The forum is still new and very basic. In most cases we need to figure out how to use the platform. Furthermore no option to search the blog section. Thus we rely on trial and error and it WILL get time to get used to the platform. For some reason the forum is not easily vissible. 
    link to supportSomeone has to scroll down to the bottom to get the link for Support
  2. No way to fully edit a scheduled post. Yes.... I can't figure this out. Maybe it;s something on the pipeline? But we can only fully edit DELIVERED posts (!). Let;s say I have a scheduled post and I need to deliver it to another profile. That's not possible. I can update the TIME, CONTENT and IMAGE/VIDEO but no way to add or change the profile. I trully can't get this, I mean the option IS available whenever we reschedule a post.
    missing option to select accountThe option to select accounts is ONLY available on the rescheduling
  3. Weekly calendar includes Sunday and Saturday -can't set a "working week" Mon to Friday.
  4. Generally speaking we can NOT configure our screen. Either you like what you see or you switch to another platform. No customisations what so ever.

Social Pilot: Best feature 

The option to REPEAT a post for certain times in certain time frame. This allows to "pin" a post every single day at the same time; which is cool.

I will be posting a handy Social Pilot User Guide soon - talk you soon