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4 areas you have to examine

Examine These Four Areas Before Marketing Your Business Through Social Media.

You probably know already that beginning social media marketing for your business is a huge decision. Perhaps you feel you have all the technical know-how you need, or perhaps you’ve hired some social media marketers to help you if you need advice or don’t have time to work on it. By now you may well feel you’re ready to take the big step into the social media spotlight.

Are you really ready for your online debut?

My personal experience says ‘sorry, but no’, not until you examine these four crucial areas. Social media success depends on trust. These four points are going to help you build your users’ faith in your brand. Neglecting any of these areas could spell disaster for your growing web-presence.

Make time to go through these points carefully.

  1. Is your mission statement absolutely clear? Take a long, hard look. Would it be totally understandable to someone outside of the business? Is misinterpretation a possibility? Even if you are an established company with a stable source of clients, don’t assume that your business aims are obvious. If your mission statement isn’t clear, it won’t be understood through your marketing.
    When marketing on social media, you only have a brief time in which to make an impression. In certain media your window may be as short as a couple of seconds. This is your opportunity to win new markets and transmit your message. It doesn’t matter how frequent or high-quality your social media updates might be if your underlying business goals aren’t defined. If the message isn’t understood, prospects won’t see what you’re offering and will go elsewhere.
    Re-examining your business mission statement defines your target group and makes them easier to track down. By focusing on the demographics highlighted by your mission statement, you can match your approach better with your customer base. This promotes trust in your brand.
    The comprehensibility of your mission statement has another effect on the way you interact with the internet: it changes the way you use language. Being specific and clear in the way you write online helps search engines and social media software find you. This means that someone searching for the services you provide will be connected with you quicker.
  2. Are you ready to socialize? Cultivate an appetite for meeting people through social media from the beginning. Learn to love talking about your company; about the solutions you can provide for your customers. Online, just as in person, it falls on you- the business owner- to make the first move.
    Start a conversation that gives value to your prospective client. The conversation is not necessarily about your job. Show concern and interest in your customer. Build a bridge for communication and then present yourself and your company. Of course, if they have a problem your company can solve, don’t hesitate to offer advice and help.
    Don’t forget to listen. Constant updates without showing any real interaction with users will undermine trust in your web presence. Few people are interested in an obvious marketing campaign. You must present yourself as you are; a human being willing to communicate. 
  3. Define your actions, and get prepared. Once you have decided what your goals are, it’s time to come up with a plan of action. You need to:
    • Create a daily plan and stick to it.
    • Decide what content you are going to post every day (regularity is essential).
    • Choose which social media platform you are going to concentrate on.
    • Figure out how your content will be worded. Think about whether your audience will respond best to a casual or formal tone. Research how to make the most of the platform you’re using (hashtags for Twitter, etc.). Brush up on your grammar or contact us for a free consultation.
      Planning ahead boosts your confidence and that of others coming into contact with your company. If you trust your company (because you are well prepared), you won’t get worried by negativity and potential customers will also trust you. That being said, encountering negativity on social media is inevitable. Don’t be put off: your hard work creates trust and loyalty, and unfavourable remarks needn’t set you back. Handling feedback well will inspire faith in your brand and constructive criticism should always be encouraged.
  4. Prepare to be patient before you launch on social media. Success will not come overnight. You will have to present your business over and over again. It will take time for people to hear and recognise it as unique, and it’s only then when you’ll really reap the benefits.
    If you have doubts about social media marketing because no-one seems to be interacting, remember that the exposure alone is enormously valuable. Also, if you get discouraged and stop using social media, your web presence suffers. Your potential customers get the message that your company gives up. Even if you start again you’re at a disadvantage. A lack of consistency in business does not inspire trust.

In brief; four areas to examine before starting social media marketing:

  • Be clear in your mission statement.
  • Socialise.
  • Strategise.
  • Prepare to be patient.

Establishing these basics puts you in a better position than most of your competitors. It will even save time building up that most important of assets: trust. Which of the four areas challenges you?