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Why MacKeeper is so popular

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In this article I am trying to share my perspective on why MacKeeper become so popular. After all more than 13 million users downloaded the app at a point.

The bad news

If you are not aware the company behind MacKeeper got some really bad publicity after a data breach. The reason for the breach is quite simple really. They grew faster than anticipated. The good news is that they really learned their lesson from this incident. They admitted their fault and took procedures to ensure it would never happen.

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So what's the deal that makes it so popular?

  1. It's super simple to use. It simply works.
  2. Contradictory to similar apps it works offline.
  3. It does the job super fast. It really makes a difference when it comes to performance. Compared to a pro app that I use for Windows it takes 1/5th of the time for the initial scan; then it only checks modified files.
  4. It allows users to get certified support for any issue at record time speeds
  5. It offers a superior anti-theft protection for iPads and Mac Pros
  6. After the data breach incident the whole security and privacy approach was seriously revamp. As a user you feel secure

Main features

Files recovery, Disk usage, Data encryptor, Backup, Duplicates finder, Update protection, Memory cleaner, Internet Security, Fast cleanup, anti-theft, smart uninstaller, Shredder, Files finder, Login tracking, Default Apps and Human=technical Assistance.

Personally I got the premium plan with a 15% discount (I believe they offer the discount to anyone really). The reason is that I am really novice when it comes to Mac thus I wanted to benefit form their 24/7 expert support.

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