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Like As Your Page

1. You search and find the page of your interest. Lets say Crochet Addict UK is the page of your interest. 

Crochet Addict Page Example

2.You click on the 3 dots, and a drop down menu appears. Click on "Like as your Page"

Like as your page crochet uk addict

3. Select a Page. Like the page you have chosen as one of your pages that appear on the drop down menu, and submit.

Like as your page

Another way to like a page as your page

1.On your page, find on your right side: See Pages Feed. Posts from Pages that you've liked as your Page. 

See Pages Feed Posts from Pages that you've liked as your Page

2.Click on it. 

Like Other Pages

3. Click on Like Other Pages button

Like Other Pages

4. Start writting the name of the pages of your interest. Choose from the list.

See now a short tutorial now about the subject.

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1. Go to Settings top right on your pageSettings on the right
Edit Page on the left on Facebook Page media4you.social

2. Go To Edit Page on the left 


3. Go to Templates, Click on Edit button on the right, and choose a template with default buttons and tabs designed to help your Page.

4.Depending on the type of your business page, there are the following templates with default buttons and tabs, to choose from, and help your Page:











Restaurants and cafes



RestaurantsandCafes Standard


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1. Go to Settings top right on your pageSettings on the right of the Facebook Page - media4you.social

2. Go To Edit Page on the left Edit Page on the left on Facebook Page media4you.social

3. In Tabs Section, you can use default tabs, by selecting OFF/ON button, or you can click and drag a tab name to rearrange the order. The tab order also determines the order of the sections people see at the top of your Page. 

How to use Tabs Section media4you.social

4. Select ON/OFF to turn off the tab if you don't want people to see it on your Page. However you cannot do this in all tabs. About, Videos, Posts, Likes, and Photos Tabs cannot turned off! 

Quite useful is the Share choice, where you can copy the URL and share the tab with people directly!

How To Show Shop Tab media4you.social

Video Tutorial

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