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Portable /USB WAMP Web Server

This course presents how you can create a portable WAMP web server in a USB flash drive. Imagine being able to launch a complete suite of web services at any given moment.


Web designers, graphic designers and web developers. Project Managers working in web technologies, other IT professionals. Support & Help desk agents and many more.

Attendance Requirements

Basic knowledge of web services, basic computer skills


  1. Definition of WAMP suite, key characteristics
  2. Apache server and PHP vs HTML, going through some examples
  3. Modern Content Management Systems, frontend vs backend
  4. Downloading the portable web server and how to unzip. Initial configuration after installation.
  5. Starting our webserver, creating a desktop shortcut. Exploring the control dashboard
  6. Starting MySQL and apache, troubleshooting, checking the log files
  7. What is a virtual host? Create multiple websites in the same PC
  8. Configuring our PHP, the role of PHP.ini file
  9. Enabling modules for our apache server. Creating a simple htaccess file
  10. Downloading and unzipping Joomla under www. Create our first MySQL database
  11. Installing Joomla, how to configure WAMP to serve our CMS
  12. Our first website. How to manage our content from the frontend
  13. Moving our local site to a webhost account.

Short Description

Create and use a portable usb web server.

Meet Our Teacher

Alexandros Kostalas

Alexandros Kostalas

Joomla, WebDesign, WebTechnologies

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