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In media4you.social we have the expertise to grow your Social Media presence and assist you in targeting your ideal audience.

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We work with YOU to select the right Social Media Platforms for your company. We create an optimised profile and spread your message consistently across different platforms over time. Ask your personal social media marketer to show you how.

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A loyal audience strengthens YOUR presence on Social Media Platforms. Connect with YOUR target consumer through engaging content. In turn, populate your communities with fans and prospective clients. Get in contact with your dedicated social media manager for more information.

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Social media platforms can; boost e-book and white paper download, fire up newsletter subscriptions, drive traffic to websites and maximise sales leads. As a powerful marketing tool these give you results in a cost effective way. Your social media marketing specialist can help you realise your goals.

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Public Relations and the Rise of the Social Media Strategy

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Your public relations department is an essential part of your business. However, you don’t need to be an expert to see that the face of advertising and customer interaction is changing. Social media and content marketing are on the rise where TV and print media advertising once dominated.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a way of connecting with your customers through great content- articles, sites, and other media- until they come to you. This method of marketing has the potential to build credibility and trust like no other. In order to do this, you need to create a content and social media marketing strategy.

How does Content Marketing Fit into your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Not all Public Relations specialists will be equipped to handle this area. Whether you represent an international firm or are a small business owner, it may be worth considering hiring professional consultants to help you get things started. 

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Profile Optimisation

Your Social Media profile is usually the first encounter that someone has with your business or brand. Make the most of that first impression.

Media4you excels on optimising techniques and shows you the route to success.

Content creation & Engagement

Social media isn’t just for broadcasting your brand: connect with your customers directly on a deeper level. Our creative team cut the blather. We make content that compels users to read on, share your message and take action.

Sales Leads Creation

As a business owner, you’re an expert in your field. Social media users are searching for people like YOU. Media4you can show you how to start listening and reach out to where you’re needed.

We can help you solve problems and cultivate a loyal customer-base.

Platforms Selection

One crucial step in introducing your brand via social media is choosing the best platform to connect with your audience. Media4you simplifies the process, setting the foundations for your business's success in social media networks.

Grow your Community

Keep your customers connected and informed through social media.

Showcase your website, shout about new content and make sure your users know where to find the best information.

Generate website traffic

Keep your customers connected and informed through social media. Showcase your website, shout about new content and make sure your users know where to find the best information.

When you use social media content that’s a joy to share your customers will expand and consolidate your web presence.

Spreading your Message

Social Media networks are designed for sharing messages. Media4you is here to set up a straightforward and effective strategy for communicating your message in the most cost-efficient way. Our team is ready to help you in your first- and future- steps.

New Targeted Audience

If a company fails to grow, eventually it will shrink. Media4you can help you reach new targeted audiences & spread your message, creating consistent customer flow. Our clients are available to share their success story.

E-Commerce & Online Content

With our ecommerce solution you can now open your store for business in just one day!

Designed to achieve 24/7 customer flow, our friendly “one place” dashboard guarantees you can focus on your clients and let us worry about the technical bits.


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